America: A Path To Ruin Or Prosperity (Video)

America: A Path To Ruin Or Prosperity

Andres Correa
Wow!!!!! We have been tricked again!!!! If You believe the GOV was behind 911 then you understand how easy it would be for them to pick a puppet president. If they really wanted peace then they would have put 2 candidates that have less drama and will not split the country up but instead they put 2 of the worst. Hilary is a lying sack of you know what and Trump has 2 much controversy. NWO is doing this on purpose. This is part of the plan. They put trump there to give us hope, to make the economy look like its all going to be good now, to make us think our votes really do count and that we the open minded people really beat these sick elites. Its all a sick game, now they are paying protesters 1500 per week to reck havoc all over the country because they have a sick plan. With this petition electoral college they will try to put hilary in office now. Do you really think it happen to be that hilary won popular vote and trump the electoral votes,,, lol,, come on,,, this is all part of the plan. Trump is there to split the nation up. When they remove Trump then all hell will begin. Please dont be blind to the evil that is coming. Martial law is right around the corner. There is a reason they shut down 6 walmarts while conducting the biggest military drill called jade helm 15. FEMA and home land security have purchased 30k guillotine machines, 2.2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and over half a million plastic coffins. Please buy good resources to protect your family!!!!! i hope im wrong but if they go through with this petition and put hilary in office then its all over. God bless and again i hope I’m wrong.

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