Why Most of the U.S. Deep State Dumped Hillary

Why Most of the U.S. Deep State Dumped Hillary: Saker Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts by James the Russian Analyst

Der Spiegel and the Useless Obso-elites of the Fading Atlanticist Order

It isn’t of course, the end of the world as the cover of Germany’s Time magazine Der Spiegel proclaimed this week, with an image of the dinosaur killing Trump-asteroid burning into the Earth’s atmosphere (once again showing that the dying mainstream media’s editors remain in denial that they’re the dinosaurs and the new media are the furry creatures at their feet who will survive the great extinction event). Just the great culling of what the late Harvard political science professor Samuel P. Huntington, who foresaw the reemergence of nationalism before his death in 2008, dubbed ‘Davos Men’. That is, the Trumpening is indeed signaling the irrelevance and hence uselessness to their bankster hosts of obso-elites like the Swedish political hack Carl Bildt, who are more famous for being famous in pseudo-intellectual and Euro-bureaucratic circles than any actual accomplishments.

Trump’s victory in the teeth of Establishment hatred also signals the great failure of Atlanticists like Bild to inculcate their fear and hatred of ‘Putin’s Russia’ to the American voters of the Midwest,  or for that matter the Brexit-eers of the British ‘Rust Belt’ last June. As the French diplomat Talleyrand said of the Bourbons the dynasty overthrown and then briefly restored after the French Revolution depicted in the Trump-anthem inspiring musical Les Miserablesthese pathetic globalists learned nothing and forgot everything from their efforts to ‘link’ the Brexit vote to Putin and thereby turn the ex-KGB officer into an omnivorous super villain backfiring on them.

Speaking after Mr Trump won a shock victory over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, Kremlin advisor Sergei Glazyev said the Democrat politician was a “symbol of war” and under Mr Trump the US had “a chance to change course”.

He told Russian news wire RNS: “Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace.

“Clinton was a symbol of war, and Trump has a chance to change this course”.

— http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-elections/world-war-three-donald-trump-president-averted-putin-aide-claims-a7412111.html

The Coming Post-Atlanticist European Awakening That’s Becoming Unstoppable

Nonetheless, Putin’s economic adviser Sergey Glazyev — who is well known to the LaRouche movement if not personally to RogueMoney guest Harley Schlanger — observed correctly that Trump’s shock the world win may’ve also saved the planet from nuclear war. Not only did a significant portion of the American and British Deep State (quite possibly including the Royal family with their tacit support for Brexit) choose to step back from the brink of direct military confrontation with nuclear-armed Moscow via the FBI leaks and Wikileaks. But the accelerated unraveling of the State Department and European Union’s ability to bribe or bully politicians into line promises a springtime of the nations — see our upcoming article on the National International and Angela Merkel and her defense minister’s frosty reaction to not only Trump’s victory, but the establishment of the anti-immivasion and Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD) platform of Breitbart Germany. Which is already critical of the German Deep State’s plans for a European Union (EU) Army centered on the Franco-German-Dutch rump that will be left of the bloc after the unraveling continues with Italy’s referendum this December:

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