TRUMP Serving the Elite or The People — Darryl Robert Schoon

TRUMP Serving the Elite or The People — Darryl Robert Schoon

Now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States, the world wonders: Will he actually do the things he said he will do? Darryl Robert Schoon returns to SGT report to examine the Trump presidency and answer the question; Is Trump for real Рor is he merely representing some other shadowy group of elites?

Yea it took me 3 months to discover Obama was a fraud. Another intelligence spy for the corrupt banking and war profiteering elite. I’m glad Trumps in and not Hillary but honestly I don’t think he’ll do anything. Presidents have little power their just figure heads. Not only they’ll say whatever they will to get elected, once their in they have no choice but to serve the ultra wealthy criminal parasitic elite.

Trump has a chance to hammer the door shut on Socialism Forever.
I do believe he knows this and will work toward this goal at once.
We all will suffer to begin with, it is going to hurt. But, once we recover we may never come down from the high of success.

Irfan Jusic9
i feel sad for people who do not realize that Trump is exactly who elites wanted to win. Trump promised the biggest tax cut for the elite than any President in History. Trump promised building infrastructure worth trillions of dollars, perhaps He will hire his own Trump construction company to build paid indebting tax payers more than all Presidents combined. Trump is a businessman who cares for His businesses and not you. He just got Trumped!!!

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