A Potential Game Changer For The Global Economy (Video)

A Potential Game Changer For The Global Economy

Steven Steven
Mr.Obama said at the beginning of his his first eight years that this will be his Lincoln presidency meaning that his presidency will be reflective of Lincolns, well I think he has accomplished that he has split this nation and its a powder keg ready to blow with George Sorros holding the match. As Jsnip4 says I’m not smoking Hopeium you can hope that you can make it to the other side of this but if you don’t take this time to to turn life style to Amish then you will regret that the rest of your life. If you decide to opt out early please do it quickly so you don’t become one of the Venezuela zombies.

Kathleen Fairbairn
Trump may create a bullish economy but what about the numerous bubbles ie housing, bond etc? I am not a stock market analyst but I think you are being rather bullish with your synopsis. It’s too early to tell which direction this is going. More importantly what about the over inflated stock market????

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Gregory Mannarino

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