Obama Is Over, Let The Rebuilding Begin

Obama Is Over, Let The Rebuilding Begin by Monty Perelin

The election is over and President Obama is over. He began with Styrofoam Greek columns as a stage prop. Many stage props later, his act has grown stale, even irritating.

His presidency, like the man himself, was without substance. Nothing that he said, did or advocated produced progress for this nation or the rest of the world. Words are not deeds and more words do not change that.obamarecord

Obama Is Over

The recent election was a moratorium on his policies. He himself said so — Vote for Hillary to continue my policies. Hillary is now over as well.

obamapractice5Obama’s reign will be seen by historians as an enormous mistake. The central question will be how this country could elect a polished street hustler with questionable background and no experience. (What exactly are the qualifications for a “Community Organizer” and why would anyone believe that they matched up well for the highest office in the land?)

Obama’s term began with like-minded people, big on ideology and short on meaningful experience and accomplishments (remember all the czars? Whatever became of them?).

No one entered office with so much good will and hope. No one leaves office with such a chasm between expectations and results.

Theatrics and hope may work on the front end, but experience and competence are required for accomplishments and legacies. Much of the nation is still recovering from the rude rejection of fantasy that was Obama. Obama is over and this end comes without accomplishment or legacy. His time will be remembered only in a racial first. Nothing else positive is available.

Obama Never Was

I published, Flim Flam Man — The Tragedy of Barack Hussein Obama in mid-2014. It predicted much of what is now being seen by those who were blinded by the glamor of the man and the notion that a black man could be elected president. The  hero-worship of the media did much to prevent objective analysis of the man and his ideology. This book will be made available free as soon as I can set it up as a download or series of posts.

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