Govt Forces to Launch Offensive Operations in Aleppo Area

Govt Forces to Launch Offensive Operations in Aleppo Area

Stratus Blue
The terms upon which mercenary fighters were enlisted with ISIS did not involve fighting the military of Turkey. On the contrary, Turkey was allied in the effort to establish a Sunni State in the place of Syria. Turkey was the source of ISIS supply. The routine switching from ISIS to FSA to Kurd along that route in order to transfer oil into Turkey from Syria was well established. Turkish forces advancing on Al-Bab signals the end of the charade. The only ones resisting the advance of Turkey have been living under a rock. They were not in on it and fell for the entire fairy tale developed by Brzezinski to destroy the governments of the region. Even MOST of them that were fooled ADAPT to the new reality that they got “hung out to dry”. They were left “blowing in the wind”. Most of ISIS came from Turkey into Syria. They were armed in Turkey. Even trained in Turkey. So the advance by the Turkish military is not resisted and the magical transformation of ISIS to FSA is not magical at all. With few exceptions, genuine religious fanatics died years ago. ISIS is working for the same thing as you. What’s in your wallet?

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James Tacardi
Sultan Erdogan’s boys knocking on Al-Bab’s door great. I hope that will be as far south as they go! Come on Vladimir time to press those ‘launch’ buttons & exterminate those Saudi/Qatari/Turkish backed POS!

It’s really funny how there are no reports about dead women/children in areas of turkish/usa operations. I guess none lived to tell the story lol. Paid media only cry about Russian operations and I bet 80% of them are fake.

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