It’s Worse than You Think — America, Here’s Why It is Time to Start Paying Attention

It’s Worse than You Think — America, Here’s Why It is Time to Start Paying Attention

A confluence of negative repercussions from decades of absurd errors we should have known better than to make is now upon us, and it appears — in electing, or tacitly allowing the election of, Donald Trump — fascism will be our ‘reward.’

Enough with finger-pointing, too, because who got us into this mess matters little when examining the rather dismal specter of past totalitarianism presently rearing its citrus complected, moppish head. And the humor in this farcical chain of events is being fast supplanted by horrific portents in brazenly xenophobic attacks committed by Trump’s misguided flock — from the nascent moments following the announcement of his presumed victory.

That said, the election to president of a reality TV host smacked bewildered Hillary Clinton supporters and anti-fascists with the flat hand of alarm — and now both groups seem to hold lighters to the fuse of civil war.

America, this will not end well — at least, not without our intervention.

Thanks to over a decade of self-congratulatory Big Government, the outgoing president is forking over unprecedented powers of executive control — as well as the perilous potential for grave abuse independent media and academia Cassandras have been shrieking about for some time.

Like Cassandra, those somber admonitions went unheeded as so much tin-foiled garbage — and, yet, iterations of a quick devolution into chaos mark precisely where we are, just four days post-election.

The heedless disappearing of the country’s manufacturing jobs and expanding slave-wage workforce under the Obama administration alienated vast swaths of the populace — lower income families of every race. Trump’s capitalizing on growing racial and religious tension made him a convenient poster child for the disenfranchisement of a so-called White America — racism, latently harbored for decades, finds facile footing when wide economic disparity has no single, precise cause.

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