Soros-Led Coup Against Trump Has Begun- Following “Rules for Radicals” Script (Video)

Soros-Led Coup Against Trump Has Begun- Following “Rules for Radicals” Script

A George Soros inspired coup is underway and it seeks to overthrow the Trump Presidency before it even begins. Soros, no doubt acting on behalf of Clinton, is planning and executing violent riots which will only grown in number and severity.

Where will this lead? How will this change the election results? The answers are in this short video.

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washburn road
All the Fraction Magic, illegals, dead, felons, non id voting lead to the numbers – not true numbers – we lost Nevada due to rampant fraud. The narrative is, like all libtard points, a rancid lie. Purple Revolution crap!

Scott Mcaliley
Don’t let us down Dave. I think there’s a whole other level of deception, and the Christian truther community is falling right in the trap. So much evidence that Trump has been their man as far back as the late 80’s, at least early 90s. But we’re watching this thing play out so it looks like it’s the evil NWO and the rest of the world against Trump, and he’s defending freedom and the common man. I’m not telling people to not be a little hopeful, but this “yuge” sigh of relief that I hear from our Christian community, and preachers saying things like, “ok America, we’re safe now” are a little alarming to me. Trump has many earmarks of the antichrist figure (go ahead and tell me how stupid that is folks, and how every new president becomes an antichrist suspect. I’m used to it now. I’ve read it on every truther channel where I’ve shared this concern). But just watch it unfold. I’m just asking people to be a little skeptical. But in Daniel and in Revelation we’re told that the antichrist would come as a horn that would speak great things. A Trump and a horn are the same thing, and what’s he been saying? He’s gonna make America “great” again. He’s a horn, he’s speaking great things, and he’s in the process of getting all the truthers rallied around him. Don’t be shocked when there’s another attempt to steal the election, or even take his life, but he’ll miraculously pull it out in the end. I’ve only been thinking this way for less than 48 hours now. I was happy when he won, even though I wrote in a 3rd party constitutionalist. And then some things started to hit me, and I’ve found over 20 evidences so far that he may be the antichrist. Not gonna try to share all that here, but just two more things: 1. The Sanhedrin has called on him and Putin(another antichrist suspect) to rebuild the 3rd temple. Keep an eye on that folks. Half way through the 7-year tribulation the evil one will break the covenant he made at the start and set himself up in that temple, showing himself that he is God. You think that Trump won’t feel entitled to take that seat if he’s the one that builds the thing and facilitates peace in the region or even the world? One last thing, and then I’ll leave anyone that doesn’t think I’m crazy to their own research, but there are some creepy cryptic murals, both painted in the 90s, one in the Bank of America in Charlotte, NC and the other in the Denver International Airport. They both have a figure that could pass for a young Trump. The one at the DIA is the freakiest, with a young German boy with reddish skin, sweeping red trump-like hair, and a red tie like the one trump has worn throughout much of the campaign (and trump is of German descent btw), and all the children of the world are bringing him their swords wrapped in the flags of their countries, and he has a hammer and is beating them into plowshares on top of an anvil that has crushed the warrior soldier from the previous mural. Check it out for yourself folks. I don’t have any inside info…just seeing a lot of strange things, including the vast majority of Christians putting their hope in a person who barely acknowledges God, and acknowledges no need for God’s forgiveness. Yes, I’ve heard the “trump prophecies” and I understand the potential that he is playing a Cyrus or Nebuchednazzar role. Just be smart folks. And don’t assume we’ve won until Christ makes His second appearing, and don’t assume you fully understand who your enemies are. Sometimes what seems so obvious is just there to throw us off the trail. I mean, obviously soros, Clinton, and all those characters are evil. But I think it’s a lot bigger than that. God bless!

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