M7.4 Quake Strikes New Zealand in Alert Zone (Video)

M7.4 Quake Strikes New Zealand in Alert Zone

Ok… did anyone else see what we saw yesterday in the GEC? With literally every quake signature heading to the southern hemisphere? Better question… if I called out an earthquake for your city… what would you do?
Number of news agencies who don’t give a shit about this: 73 [I’m keeping track] “This doesn’t seem like news.” – “There probably isn’t any interest in this topic.”

What planet am I on?

Your daily update regarding space weather and how it impacts our planet. Solar flares, sun spots, gamma burst and solar radiation wreak havoc on our planet everyday. Most days it’s not a big deal, unless you think earthquakes, tidal flooding and tsunami’s are not a big deal. Oh yeah, let’s not forget volcanos erupting. All of these natural disasters are seeded in space weather. Ben does a great job of keeping us all informed and what to look out for seven days a week. Weather never sleeps and the solar winds could blow anything to our shores in a moments notice.

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