Federal Reserve, Clintons Doomed – DOW & Gold $125,000-Hyperinflation Coming – Clif High

Federal Reserve, Clintons Doomed – DOW & Gold $125,000-Hyperinflation Coming – Clif High

Internet data mining expert Clif High predicted that “Trump would win” the election and that Hillary Clinton would go “missing” after the election. Sure enough, Hillary was missing the night of her defeat.  What does that mean?  High thinks, “That there was a breakdown among a very delicate relationship among a lot of powerful parties that failed to deliver as promised.  The plan didn’t work.  So, now there is no real plan “B.”  There never could be under the circumstances.  We are in a situation where there can’t be a plan “B” for the Federal Reserve, for example.  They (FED) have to go on a certain path, they’re doomed.  That is true of the criminal organization we call CGI (Clinton Global Initiative).  Any criminal gang, no matter where it is in the social order, progresses along a certain path, runs into opposition and dies.  It always happens, and it always will.”

So, does Clif High think Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy? High answers, “I certainly do.”  High’s data mining also shows that “Clinton minions are worried . . .  all I get in the data is all these people have fear and worry.”

On the financial front, High contends we will have inflation and deflation at the same time. And High says interest rates are headed up and will continue to rise.  High explains, “My definition is deflation, but maybe we should define it as debt destruction and inflation.  The powers that be and the Federal Reserve in the data sets that I have are showing that they are really worried and start to get worried by the 12th of December, and it breaks out into the public in early January.  They are worried about the destruction of all of this debt by dollars pouring back into the U.S.  The debt is actually being paid off by all this money coming back into the U.S.  It’s not an actual increase of actual cash.  It is a destruction of all the derivatives . . . It is debt destruction for sure. . . . Also, a component of the hyperinflation is they can’t destroy all the repatriated dollars (flowing back in) fast enough.  So, some of those do show up in the supply chain of the digital cost we have to deal with. . . .So, as this deflation starts, the hyperinflation is already going to be ongoing.”  In short, High says your home will go down in value while you are paying much more for supplies to live in it.

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