How To Explain Donald Trump To Children (Video)

How To Explain Donald Trump To Children

“As the media pushes the narrative that Donald Trump creates bullies, I see multiple articles on how to talk to children about the election results. What message would you tell parents to give their children?”

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Stefan, this is a true story which I thought was funny. I went to Walmart where I live and on my way out the store in route to the check out I passed the magazine and book section and low and behold there was a Donald Trump Coloring Book. Needless to say I had to have it. So I took it home and my 5 year old son seen it and ask “is that Super Trump?” for Donald Trump was dressed as a “Superman” on the the cover. I responded to my son and said “Yes my son that is Super Trump, and he is going to make America Great Again!!!”. True story.

Amen. Adults passing their election anxieties onto their young children is basically child abuse. If a kid is distraught about election results they are getting that from somewhere.

Chad Chaddington The Fourth
Doesn’t this explanation kind of assume that the left has good intentions and they don’t just want other people to work for free so they can have free stuff? I have never met a leftist who genuinely, truly cared about the poor and the disadvantaged. Their obsession with inequality seems to be just a front to justify robbery in their own self interest.

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