Can the Crooked Clintons Bribe the Electoral College? (Video)

Can the Crooked Clintons Bribe the Electoral College?

I get emails almost every day – can the Clintons bribe or otherwise coerce sufficient Electoral College electors to actually steal the White House from Donald Trump?

Four days ago – Nov. 9th – the New York Post ran this headline – “The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House.”

If you have followed the crime careers of Clintons – as I have since they came to town – you know that you can put nothing past them – including threats of Arkansas-cide towards anyone that gets in their way.

I’m sorry to be so bold, but there has never been a political couple in the history of the United States that has been this crime-prone – and yet never held fully accountable for any of it.

This is exactly why impeachment proceedings are part of the law – to go after politicians who are lawyers, who use their knowledge of the law to skirt criminal prosecution – and the Clintons were even able to skirt conviction upon impeachment.

I mean, these two are the world record holders in getting away with stuff. But no longer!

With the announcement this week of the Arizona vote count becoming final, Donald Trump gets an extra 11-Electoral-College-vote boost.

Once Michigan’s count is complete, Trump will finish the contest at 305 Electoral College votes – 35 more than necessary for victory when electors meet in their respective state capitals on Dec. 19th.

In 29 states, it is illegal for an elector to ignore the will of the voters of their state. However the penalties are light – for example, a fine of $1,000. But what’s a thousand dollar fine in a world where George Soros is paying millions of dollars to fund the current rioting around the nation?

According to an analysis by the now-frequently-unreliable New York Times; well over 99% of electors throughout American history have voted as pledged.

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