A 20 Trillion Ticking Time Bomb… – David Stockman

A 20 Trillion Ticking Time Bomb… – David Stockman

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman on the need to rein in America’s mounting debt.

Jessy James
If anybody understands how “rigged” the system is, it’s DS. I would love to see J. Grant step up and Felon thrown out right on her funky, football head. However, I don’t see Congress–the assholes truly responsible for the debt debacle–NOT voting for raising the debt ceiling. If Trump doesn’t follow through with his promises, Americans may really start rioting. And, the financial market rallies are just stupid. There is no way the market should be going up with bond yields rising. This is where the “rigged” establishment will screw investors and Americans, just like in 1929. Big pain is coming…hope you have prepared.

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