If You Want To Get Somewhere In Life…

If You Want To Get Somewhere In Life…

Watch your thoughts.

Your thoughts become words.
Your words become actions.
Your actions become character.
Your character becomes your legacy.

What does this have to do with preparedness?

Like any goal (e.g. preparedness), they always begin with thoughts. The more that you ‘think’ about it (whatever it is), the more likely you will be motivated into action.

Note: Time spent ‘thinking’ is different from time spent ‘reacting’. Many people go through life reacting to the world around them. They’re subliminally pushed into directions and actions. Ultimately they become like a leaf in the wind, subject to their environment which chooses the direction for them…

When I recently came across the statement, “Watch your thoughts because they become actions, and actions become character, and character becomes your legacy”, I thought about how true that really is. When I look back through my own life and the major ‘actions’ that I took, it is evident that those actions evolved around a lot of thought.

I recall when many years ago I had begun to spend a lot of ‘thinking’ time to do with preparedness in general (and the various reasons ‘why’ I began thinking of such things), and all of those many thoughts and the time spent thinking about them were what led me in the direction that I ultimately went. I took some very big steps and eventually completely changed (adjusted) my lifestyle and even my geographical location. Those thoughts truly turned into many ‘words’ which turned into significant actions. None of it would have happened to any great extent if I had not thought LOTS about it. This is true for nearly any actionable event in one’s life. Your thoughts become the actions.

So what’s the significance of this? On the surface this may all seem ridiculously obvious…of course actions come from thoughts first… The significance though is the realization that timespent thinking about ‘this’ or ‘that’ has lots to do with eventuality. Those actions become ‘you’, and who you are. So if you want to make a change, all you have to do is to start thinking about it. And then think some more. And more. Action will result…

Conclusion: Knowing that one’s character is eventually formed by actions which are formed by words and thoughts, you might ‘watch what you think’ ?

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