RIOTS in Portland and Other U.S. Cities Against Donald Trump Victory! (Video)

RIOTS in Portland and Other U.S. Cities Against Donald Trump Victory!

John Barleycorn
As with most of these idiots, they tear up property and hurt businesses of like minded voters. One of these times they will try to pull an armed victim from their car and beat them, and get a very bad outcome.

Jungle Jargon
If people behaved, there would be no need for a powerful military or police presence on the streets. Unrest instigated by lies and financial support should be exposed at every turn. If that is not a crime, it should be. Outsiders shouldn’t even be there. The problem, in an emergency, for example, is that people often resort to being opportunistic rather than being fraternal. That’s when everything changes and we are no longer free to watch over ourselves. It’s like at work, when if you work out things among yourselves, there is no need to appeal to a higher authority and they do not need to become involved, making life miserable.

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David Quintieri

The government structure is setup to enable corporations to lobby (bribe) our "representatives" and pass laws that are often criminal. As a result, we have a CATASTROPHE on our hands. Derivatives exceeded $1.5 QUADRILLION in total value which far surpassed the GDP for the entire world--25 times over! David Quintieri brings information of this magnitude to his readers and teaches them how to prepare in times of uncertainty. Utilizing his ability to deconstruct any complex system and turn it into a simple and readable format, his work becomes an important tool for a wide audience.