President Trump: This Is MY Country and I Want Immigration Fixed Before We Become the Next Europe

President Trump: This Is MY Country and I Want Immigration Fixed Before We Become the Next Europe

My father’s side of the family came here from Germany, via Great Britain. Each member of the family had to be screened medically and their background had to be examined for criminal behavior. My family had to swear an allegiance to the country defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They also had to swear and allegiance to the US Constitution. Further, they had to pass a test on English, American History and the U.S. Constitution before they could be granted citizenship. And then, they had to go through a seven year naturalization process. Why are today’s immigrants superior to my family and have more rights than my family did when they came to America?

Today, we simply open our borders to anyone and everyone without regard to their intent and any potential criminal history. The problem with our immigration is not whether it is from Middle Eastern countries, Mexico, Panama, China, Russia and Syria. The problem with our immigration system is that it admits anyone with absolutely no consideration given to the fact that they have not been screened for suitability to come into the United States. Yes, suitability, to enter the US.

Trump’s Immigration Policies

Should we build a wall and only admit people who come into America who follow a standardized set of protocols and laws? With regard to immigration, I mean dangerous immigration, the proverbial horse is already out of the barn. Donald Trump’s proposed wall, through no fault of Trump, is a day late and a dollar short. Last July 4th, FBI Director, James Comey, admitted that we have ISIS terrorist cells in all 50 states.

As Trump prepares to take office, God-willing, the immigration crisis is totally out of control and it threatens to unhinge our country as it is in Europe where native citizens in the countries of Britain, Sweden and Germany have become an oppressed minority in the face of a violence-laden, Jihadist immigration onslaught.

World leaders, such as Germany’s Merkel, are clearly globalists as opposed to nationalists. They seek to dilute their own country’s culture, acquiesce to the foreigners and let their foreign beliefs supplant the majority culture and unhinge centuries of national traditions. I am proud to say that I will not compromise and that I am an avowed nationalist; America, first, last and always. All other countries be damned. We owe nobody our culture, our religious beliefs and our social traditions. Lending a helping hand does mean we amputate our limbs to keep immigrants happy.

Who’s Country Is It?

In America, we do honor and support the beliefs and customs of those who are not representative of the majority culture. That does not mean that the majority culture should be expected to acquiesce to the minority culture. Tolerance and respect does not equate to capitulation of a nation’s core beliefs.

The United States of America belongs to me. It belongs to all who were born here. It belongs to all people who have come to our shores and have gone through our legal immigration process. The United States of America does NOT belong to Sharia Law espousing refugees, who openly advocate for supplanting the Constitution with their own religious beliefs.

All Immigrant Situations Are Not Created Equally

With regard to Mexico, one in ten people born in Mexico now live in America. I know undocumented, illegal aliens who fear being deported by Trump. Many of these people are here because our corporations, in the never-ending search for cheap labor workers who could not collectively bargain for higher wages and benefits, recruited them through pamphlets and word of mouth. The last three administrations were complicit in the mass law-breaking that has taken place with regard to the willful facilitation of illegal immigration in partnership with the corporations.

When  the sexual predator, Bill Clinton, took office in 1992, there were an estimated 11 million undocumented residents in the United States. Today, the propaganda artists in mainstream media would have you believe that these numbers did not increase. Bravo Sierra!!!  We have over 30 million illegal aliens inside the United States.

America cannot and will not deport 30 million illegal aliens without regard to status. In some of these families, there are also legal American citizens. Is the country willing to repeat the holocaust type of event that we call the Trail of Tears in reference to Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act that culminated in thousands of deaths of innocent Native Americans? Are we willing to break up families and potentially deport legal American citizens in some cases? However, the Trump administration has a duty to preserve the majority culture, not for reasons of domination, but for survival. Trump needs to make certain that immigration does not pose a safety and national security issue for our country. Again, I want to stress America is our country.  This is not bigotry as the Hillary’s would have you believe. America is an owned nation and I am one of the owners. This is not the Syrian’s country, this is not the Mexican’s country, this is not the nation of India’s country. This is my country and I expect Trump to enforce our laws as they are written.

Trump’s Options

There are several options available to President-Elect Trump that fall between abject Clinton style amnesty and the extreme act of mass deportation. The point for referencing illegal immigration from Central/South America is to point out that no two immigration patterns are the same.

The Muslim invasion of Europe, with all the documented violence and social upheaval, must never be allowed to repeat in America as it has in Europe. And unlike our south of the border immigration situation, we still have time to stem this dangerous tide of admitting anyone without regard to criminal background.

If for example, Syrian refugees, will not raise their right hand and swear allegiance to the United States Constitution, then they need to leave. Any refugee coming into the country, any immigrant coming into the country must be screened for terrorist associations and criminal backgrounds. Any serious breach in these two areas are immediate grounds for deportation. People will ask me what I mean by “criminal background”. I am not talking about jaywalking or speeding, I am talking about such things as rape, murder and armed robbery. If someone is a proven criminal or terrorist, they need to be immediately deported.

Swearing allegiance to the United States also means dropping this nonsense that Sharia Law will one day reign supreme over the Constitution. If that is truly the belief of an individual, then they need to go to a country who will tolerate this political/social/cultural type of invasion. This is non-negotiable. Nobody’s religious beliefs can be used as an excuse to turn this nation upside down as it has done in Europe.

President-Elect Trump, we the American people expect you to act with all due speed in this manner. FBI Director, James Comey, stated that we can consider 10% of all Muslims sufficiently radicalized to the point where they would like to see harm come to the United States. We need a system to detect the 10% and get rid of them.

The following video is representative of the issues and it contains reference to Trey Gowdy who accurately frames the problem.


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