Modular Survival Gear Roll: Stay Organized in the Field

Modular Survival Gear Roll: Stay Organized in the Field

This is the final draft before the grande finale! You input is very valuable to me! Keeping your gear organized in the field can be a pain in the butt, especially when you have lots of gear! This system is a quick deploying portable system to organizer your gear thats like having a dresser drawer in the field. immediately identify what you’re looking for through the transparent vinyl windows and grab and go. Hang it on a tree, roll it on the ground, made of 1000 Denier Cordura and built to last!

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John Lord
10* 10* 10* Better than my (ultra)light tyvek roll up ruck – but mine is ultralight, not modular for heavier weight. Velcro is an insanely expensive product by itself, on all my DIY gear. No more 50 liter dump bucket backpack ruck. Pockets, straps, velcro/zipper locks, and modular sections – excellent. No more 50 liter dump bucket backpack ruck. Can go from heavy duty to (ultra)light just by sectioning. (Question) Any options for horizontally hanging from small (velcro?) loops … horizontally on a ridgeline cord inside hammock, vertically from an inside tent pole, or from a horizontal tree limb …. (Question) Of those pockets, are any convertible into conventional (or duff) pillow: second set clothes pocket? (Question) Yours is an entire cinnamon bun roll-up design. Any options for making a two-winged butterfly roll-up design (2 mini rolls), unroll one side, other remains rolled up. (Question) How do you have the ruck slings attached? If modding from heavy to (ultra)light, do you have options for movable ruck slings on those portions of the ruck that you want – or is there a basic portion of the ruck that remains as the ruck pack backing?

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Canadian Prepper

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