Fiscal Stimulus Impossible Without Monetary Stimulus To Finance It

Fiscal Stimulus Impossible Without Monetary Stimulus To Finance It

Trump is the first “conservative” in US history that is a liberal. He wants to appoint Jamie Dimon to treasury secretary. Wants to spend big whilst lowering taxes. Wants to keep Obamacare. Has scrapped “the wall”. I don’t know why democrats are rioting they ended up with a bigger liberal than Hillary. In the election I was waiting for the time when conservatives would catch on that Trump is a New York liberal but they never did. And they still haven’t.

Trump said that if he ran for president he would run as a republican because their voters are stupid and he was proved to be correct.

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david joy
Peter, do you think all the dollars flowing back into the US due to tax cuts will cause more inflation and the value of the dollar to decrease dramatically, regardless of what the fed does?

What is your position, peter? I can’t seem to find it advertised on europac if you actually have a managed fund following your own investment philosophy, instead of your funds targeting a certain sector. Are you short on anything now that Trump is in and we are waiting for the fed to ‘abandon the pretense of a growing economy’? Thanks.

Uncle Stinky
Regarding the popular vote, my back of the napkin math shows that Trump won the country by ~2M and Clinton won CA by ~2.7M. This is another factor invalidates the pro-Clinton popular vote argument because this shows that Clinton’s win of the popular vote does not reflect the choice of the whole country, it reflects the overwhelming preference of one state.

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