Chris Matthews: “Well That’s a B**ch” – After Trump Wins (Video)

Chris Matthews: “Well That’s a Bitch” – After Trump Wins

MSNBC Chris Matthews mumbles “Well that a bitch” after Donald Trump won North Carolina on Election Night, making it almost certain he would defeat Hillary Clinton. No Chris, you’re a bitch. Thanks for watching my video guys. Subscribe to my channel if you’re new here because you’ll get new reports every day exposing the liberal tyrants and the manipulation of mainstream media.

When trump talks about how he might not accept results- “OMG DRUMPF, ITS HOW IT WORKS YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT

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Mark, this is not over yet, the left is still trying to give Hillary the Whitehouse thru the electoral collage on the 18th of December, Soros has put a lot of money up for this purpose, that is why 3 to 4 states still have not called a clear winner in those states, he is paying the roitor’s to get out in the streets and cause all kinds of confusion and damage, they want Martial -Law to be declared in America, this was part of their plan from the beginning, this is not over by a long shot so be prepared for the next shoe to drop.

Raimund Heinrich
Years ago, when CNN faked being in Iraq, it was enough for me. I thought of the old movie “Running Man”. Really people, I do not watch TV, I have not for years, only documentaries, and I even take that with a grain of salt sometimes. I was told years ago that the TV was the devil, well, it’s definitely the devil’s tool, that’s for sure. And really, the liberals have only strengthened that belief over the last 8 years, as I watched the TV trick people into believing that all blacks are innocent, and falsely jailed, and George Zimmerman shot and killed a child for no reason, purely out of hatred for black kids. Believe me when I say, most blacks want your white ass dead now, and the media wants to help them too. And that is only a small tip of the iceberg. Look at how they tricked young kids into believing that Trump is here to kill us all, and obama was a saint. Yeah right!!!!!!

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