China Expands Its Amphibious Capabilities

China Expands Its Amphibious Capabilities

lowe booty
i dont know Chinese are so many but they canot build enough fast new ships carier group and new batelfield regiment imagine that if Russia hase the same manpower and resources as China what a HELL of the army it would be nobody would stand a chance against them .Chinese hase not so many experience in wars as RUSSIA or USA and they fighterjet pilots experience are lover than RUSSIA or USA .Y donts say that there are not dangerous but not whit experience ,if you make drills that not means in the real war scenario wil come out in the same way even in fraction of minutes you can hange the course of the wars it depends only on your wilingnes to fight.

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Jan Nem
Lots of weapons, lots of men, but zero combat experience. China hasn’t fought a war in ~40 years, which is great, because we all love peace, but that means the US has a huge edge in actual combat experience over China.

In the end the USA will lose becauae it has too many enemies who are very powerful and combat ready plus patriots. Id the new Preisdent Donald Trump can manage to stop all wars WW3 will happen and the US will be dissolved.

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