Everyone’s Against the Status Quo – Jeff Brown (Video)

Everyone’s Against the Status Quo – Jeff Brown

I sat down with Jeff Brown, China Rising, on election night to find out what China thinks about the American election. Come to find out, they don’t think anything about the election except that they hope Trump wins to, hopefully, avoid world war 3. The Chinese are more focused on their business than ours. Fairly novel concept for people to mind to their own business and live and let live.

We touched on the New Silk Road and the latest impact on the economy and the impact on China’s debt and future economic growth. The Silk Road Project is the largest infrastructure project in the history of the world. it is eleven times larger than the Marshall Plan.

We also dug into what is happening in Europe and the fact that France is now actively working with China to be part of the Silk Road. Greece is working with China to capitalize on the Silk Road as well. Italy’s banks are in trouble which could create a situation that we see Italy pivot to China and Russia. Will we see Marine Le Pen rise to power, throw out NATO and leave the European Union? Only time will tell.

It seems the globalist are currently having a hard time and being pushed in ways that are probably a little uncomfortable. If they tip their hand too much the people will rise up in larger masses with stronger, louder voices. If they do nothing the people will simply over-run them and vote out, throughout the world, all their puppets. What to do if you’re attempting to rule the world and the serfs are pissed off and getting organized?

Jeff does a great job of keeping us informed as to how the other side of the world sees the West. Jeff has an interesting perspective as he is an American citizen, from Oklahoma, living in the heart of China – the center of the 21st century power. He is allowed to see what the U.S. was and is becoming as he is living the rise of the new power.

Give this a good listen and let us know what you think. Also, be sure and order Jeff’s new book, China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations – click here to order 

If you don’t order the book you should at least read the forward, by Pepe Escobar, that has the potential to change your mind.

Although I was not able to copy the text here is a screen shot of the Forward to wet your appetite.



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