Retirement Dreams Becoming Nightmares

Retirement Dreams Becoming Nightmares

As the global economic recession/depression deepens millions of people around the world and right in your neighborhood are losing vast amounts of wealth. The sad part – most don’t even realize and will never know until it is way too late.

While Zero Interest Rate Policies (ZIRP) and Negative Interest Rate Policies (NIRP) continue to work through the financial system savings of all types are being wiped out. Slowly and steadily drained of any real growth or even managing to keep a foot-hold on the current balance.

The Federal Reserve in the U.S., the European Central Bank in the European Union and the Bank of Japan have been engaged in the two above mentioned “monetary policies” under the misguided belief these enormous economies would be “jump started” by forcing us to spend our savings. If we choose to leave our savings in investment vehicles a great many of us are being punished with severely low or negative interest rates on our savings accounts. If you haven’t looked at what a savings account pays in interest in while this will give you an idea. My local bank offers 0.05% interest on a basic savings account. If, for example, you were to deposit a humble $10,000 into a basic savings account at this bank at the end of one year you would have earned a whooping $5.00. If you have been to the grocery store, have insurance of any type or have family still in school, then you are well aware of the raging inflation that impacts our lives everyday. Will $5.00 worth of interest do anything for you or your retirement? After you factor in inflation you have actually lost approximately 5-6% of your net worth on your $10,000 deposit. A far cry from being a positive $5.00.



What alternatives do we have? Does anyone reading this desire to work their entire life right up to the time of their death? Of course not. This is assuming there will be a decent job for any of us ten years from now. With technology on the rise, and more coming online everyday, good paying jobs are rapidly becoming part of the dream morphing into a nightmare the same as retirement savings.

We have been seen a glimpse of what is happening to our savings. This is happening right now, as you read these words, and if these central bank criminals get their way it will get a lot worse. Remember this the next time you hear one of these talking heads on TeeVee saying something to the effect of “we need higher inflation to help stimulate the economy” or ” our goal of 2% inflation has not been reached so we need to do more to generate inflation”. Inflation is theft. Inflation is a silent tax on your wealth. Inflation is one of the most insidious forms of wealth confiscation ever dreamed up. It goes un-noticed, for the most part, and it simply moves wealth out of your account into someone else’s account.

We need solutions, alternatives to the current system. Our jobs, the ones that remain, are either being shipped elsewhere or being replaced with technology. Some of you are thinking – “not my job, a machine can’t do what I do”. Well, you’re wrong. The words on this page can be generated by a machine and every task performed by a human is either on the drawing board or the machine replacement is about to hit the ground running – literally. Self driving cars, – no need for taxi drivers and a whole host of other drivers – like over-the-road trucks. If a computer can drive a semi-tractor trailer down the highway, how safe is your accounting job or other administrative position? What about wait-staff at restaurants? Well, have you been to Applebee’s or Olive Garden recently, what about Panera? All now offer the convenience of using a kiosk instead of a human to place your order. Only a matter time before they figure out how to get the food out of the kitchen and on to your table – human free.

The banking criminals are stealing our wealth at every turn and now the global corporations are coming after as many jobs as possible to replace humans with computerized machines. Sound paranoid? Well, take a look at “Obsolete” [available for free on Amazon Prime] and you tell me if I’m being paranoid or have my feet firmly planted on the ground.

We have two choices – either continue as if tomorrow will always look, act and be like today or we can begin making changes that will place us in positions of knowledge, individual power and a self motivated future. The choice is ours. The banks and the corporations could care less what choice we make. History teaches us that the people that “look around the next corner” usually are the people leading the way once the “theories” morph into realities. Ask a person from 100 years ago about a computer or cell phone – 50 years ago – how about 20 years ago? Flat panel TeeVee’s anyone?

Take a look at what Lior Gantz has put together to combat most of what we face. Sovereignty is tied to wealth, the more wealth we acquire, the freer we become. Solutions are what we need – we need them now more than ever.


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