Military Convoy, White Bus Headed East – 275 In NKY

Military Convoy, White Bus Headed East – 275 In NKY

TDC Note – Black Hawk helicopters fly over my house on an almost daily basis. The sheer volume has elevated to the point of my wife commenting on their presence. It seems obvious the goal is assimilation – my wife even pointed this out. It begs the question – was JADE Helm 15 and the increased military activity across the country in preparation for this years election? Were the algorithms the government stole from Clif High and the Web Bot Project used to forecast the uprising that seems to be on the horizon? Whatever the reason, the military have an ominous presence in today’s landscape that did not exist just two years ago. Helicopters, convoy and white buses seem to be more visible.

What is the purpose? Since when do we need military, combat armed helicopters flying over neighborhoods? What have we the people done in to deceiver to have military everywhere?


Just a quick look a military Convoy i caught on the move in NKY. They were headed east on 275 just pasted the airport exit. You can see they also had a white bus with convoy as well. If you see any strange activity or movement, let me know at

We are neighbors Dahboo, across the river in the Cincinnati area. Had a Blackhawk fly over the house last week. Never seen one around here before

Howill Ponishu
I live near a military base and always notice activity. it’s been much more the past few weeks than it has been for probably years. Multiple times a week helicopters flying by. 3jets flying together, not 2 as usual, 3. heavy aircraft in the middle of the night, like C130. odd…..

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