Rules for Rulers

Rules for Rulers

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There are however specific policies that can be implemented in a democracy which can, if not fix, then heavily medicate this problem. A great example is Switzerland, in which congress has to call for a referendum if a petition is signed by enough people, and if the petition wins the referendum it becomes law no matter what congress wants. Laws such as these allow the people to interfere with policy they care about directly. Most American states have something similar, but it only applies to the most local level of government.

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+Varangian Guardsman – Nope, you were founded on republicanism, or the idea that law governs not kings. The people did play a part, well, white land owning 21+ Protestant Christian Englishmen for a while, but the electoral college is actually a byproduct. It made more sense back in the day when the best source of getting information to move quickly was to give a piece of hemp to a horseman and wish him Godspeed good sir and tell him where to go (and with the results of the local election) and they meet in Washington DC to decide until we got telegraphs, but is pretty useless today as Americans are learning today about how much of a problem the first past the post voting system is.

Oh, and they didn’t know that first past the post was going to be so much of a problem, democracies were very rare, there were very few examples and not many long term ones that would eventually show the flaws of the first past the post system. But the constitution can be amended, it doesn’t even take congress to do it by the way if you read the amending formula.

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