FBI Investigating Hillary AGAIN! Fake GDP, Global Bond Selloff

FBI Investigating Hillary AGAIN! Fake GDP, Global Bond Selloff

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Justin Time
Totally understand the fact that people want to be lied to. Along with being comfortable living that lie. I live in a home with 3 others and none of them want to come to terms with the facts or the truth. I’ve stopped wasting my time attempting to wake them up or anybody else. I’m happy with the truth no matter how harsh it is. Allows me to prepare on all fronts. Soon enough the truth will be up in their face. Then they will have no choice but to face it.

Why would Ray Dalio say the ECB and BoJ have anywhere from 8 months to 5.5 years remaining before they go belly up? The only way to get the outside number is by monetizing everything including 20% of the entire stock market. Is that realistic? Is Mr. Dalio just another boob to be ignored? 5.5 years is not that long. Mr. Dalio is not predicting the future he is merely reviewing the trajectory the money printers are traveling. Yes, it is longer than next quarter, however, China operates on 25 and 50 year plans with a built-in 1 and 5 year review to make appropriate adjustments. 5.5 years is no time. I, like all other Americans, have been trained to believe that next week or next quarter is all that matters. Nothing could be further from the truth and one of the more important chains to be broken. As most of you know our economy is in serious trouble. We should all take time each day to focus on our personal economy and think of improvements that could be made. Small changes in ones personal economic habits make a huge difference at the end of the day, week, month and year. If each one of us spend as little 15 minutes a day just focused on our finances and personal economy the impact on our daily lives would be dramatic.

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