Covert 18 State SWAT Drill Prep for Backlash from Stolen Election

Covert 18 State SWAT Drill Prep for Backlash from Stolen Election

Paul Martin, through his sources has learned of an 18 state Swat Team Drill. The drill is exceptionally covert but The Common Sense Show has learned that the intent of the drill is centralize and coordinate martial law activities over a large swath of states at the same time.

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You need to wake up Trump is part of the system. He is a mason, if you knew what you were talking about you would know this. He uses masonic hand gestures all the time and if you look at the pictures of his pent house in NY you would see all the masonic symbols such as checkered floors and the dual pillars that represent Jacken and Boaz. Also the giant golden sun that represents Ra “aka” Horus. So quit lying to yourself and everyone else and do some real research before calling someone a troll.

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