Silver: ReMonetized by Free Market – Lior Gantz (Video/Podcast)

Silver: ReMonetized by Free Market

Gold is unobtainable for most people in the world the way it’s priced right now. If a global crisis hits silver is going to be remonetized by the free market. If it’s not just an industrial metal, like it is today, if governments and central banks start holding it (silver), and this is a copy-cat effect, because obviously you know this, once one of the central banks does something the rest will do it because they don’t want to be different...Lior Gantz, The Daily Coin

I was as shocked hearing those words as you probably are reading them. When someone uses language like that, it has my full, undivided attention. With mining production beginning to show signs of weakness, and the new mines that are being discovered today being several years away from production, it begs the question – how is this possible? Where will silver come from to be monetized? Would it be used to back a currency, as Hugo Salinas Price has suggested or would there be another way of bringing the worlds first real money back to the table?

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With approximately 50% global silver, not just mining, going to industry with the remainder going to investment silver, this leaves the majority of investment silver to originate from recycled silver. The approximate amount of annual silver available for all applications is less than 1 billion ounces, with approximately 700 million of those ounces coming from mining production and another, approximately, 300 million ounces coming from other sources. This is not a lot of silver, especially, since most of the industrial silver will never be recycled as it is, currently, cost prohibitive. Once silver goes into a TeeVee, computer or cell phone, it is gone forever.

Lior Gantz, Wealth Research Group, brings his world views to the table and explains his views about silver being remonetized along with his views about gold, the election and the economy in general. His wealth of knowledge comes from his background in investing, beginning at age 16. Lior has been around the markets for some time and shares this knowledge through a series of free newsletters and interviews.

Give this a good listen and let us know your thoughts about gold, silver and the economy in general.

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