Our World Is Imploding

U.S. Dollar

The world is pulling away from the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, as it has one foot out the door as the world reserve currency. The SDR, Special Drawing Rights, is rising. Has it risen? Not as of today. The Chinese are taking steps to insure the renminbi is viewed as a more stable alternative to conducting global trade using the SDR bond. This plan will not take root over night and will not be a short-term play. The Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, is dying a slow painful death. The federal government debt, that can never be repaid, is like a ball-and-chain around the neck of the dollar. The world knows this, the American people do not.


The warmongers in Washington DC, fueled by the “cheap money” spewing from Wall Street into the coffers of the war contractors by way of the criminal “representatives” who pass the budgets, pass the bills and oversee the funding for the continuation of the unConstitutional wars of aggression around the world are being exposed at every turn. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Pakistan and these are just the big ones that make the news on a regular basis, are all war zones the U.S. war machine created. This does not take into account the covert wars going on that have not made the news cycle as of today.


China is forging alliances with all their neighboring countries in Asia. China is not only aligned with Russia in the financial and economic markets, but they have a strong military alliance as well. China is also “mending fences” with India, militarily. These countries, the two largest populations on earth, have a long history of strained relations , however, these two countries are currently forging new military alliances that, previously, did not exist. This makes a stronger Asian base and far weaker Western/NATO base.


The opaque derivatives market is a huge part of the financial markets problem. Once a party calls for a contract to be settled and, for whatever reason, it is not settled, it will be almost impossible to stop the chain reaction from a missed call. The daisy-chain of interconnectedness is on such a scale that a handful of derivatives could set the banking system ablaze. When one is talking about $700+ trillion of “financial instruments” having a problem the potential for the system going belly up, the whole world, becomes very real. No one, not even the money masters, can predict the future and no one can predict the market. The money printers can create currency to whitewash a situation like Deutsche Bank (DB), however, they can not whitewash the derivatives market that is the underpinning of these too big to jail banks. $47 trillion worth of derivatives at DB alone, another $70+ trillion at JPMorgan and that’s just two. With all the problems Deutsche Bank (DB) is currently experiencing imagine if they had another major situation to crop up – this is what DB represents and the financial world knows it.

Housing Market

The housing market, around the world, seems to be teetering, again, on a cliffs edge. The markets of San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Southern California all seem to be hitting the same stride they did about ten years ago. Ten years ago these cities/housing markets were the precursor to the housing meltdown in the U.S.. We are getting reports, almost daily, about how bad the Vancouver housing market has become and the impact it is having all across British Columbia and beyond. Similar reports are coming out of China and London, England. Are we being set up for another financial overload similar, but greater, than happened in 2008? All the signs are there and the pieces seemingly in place.


This is to saying nothing of Obamacare and the wealth confiscation, economic wrecking ball that hit our economy just last year. In the first year of Obamacare we are already witnessing the impact of this ill-gotten plan. Obamacare had to be “passed in order to know what’s in it” was passed and the economic nightmare has been unleashed. We are already seeing companies eliminate full time positions to be replaced with part-time positions in order to avoid the ravages of Obamacare to their bottom line. Personally, I do not have Obamacare but I do have private insurance, forced upon me and my family, and the impact on our finances is borderline overwhelming. The premiums have already gone up over 10%, within the first six months and the deductible went up over 40%. The situation is so bad one of the few companies that offers private insurance will no longer be offering coverage, for the region I live, in 2017. It is now being reported that Obamacare was a planned disaster in order to force people into a system similar to the one in the UK. 100% dictated by the government; a system that says who gets healthcare, at what time, and who does not. We will dig much deeper into this aspect at a later time.


The items listed above, along with a great many more “big ticket items”, are the backdrop for the U.S. Presidential election scheduled for November 8. The world is watching as we have two high school students “battling it out” to become class president. One of the people running for the highest office in the land is a known treasonous criminal. The other is a back-stabbing, oligarch that is no different than current, corrupt, members of the House. Currently he is not holding office so that gives him the right to claim to be an “outsider”. Well, he’s not.

As the world watches this “made for TeeVee” spectacle, the people at home are watching with baited breath as we get down to the final few ticks of the clock. The treasonous criminal,Hillary, is accusing the other oligarch of “working with the Russians to influence the election“. The Donald is pointing out how rigged, how corrupt our system has become and pointing to the players conducting the rigging – the mainstream media, the lobbyist and Congress itself and the Wall Street banking cabals that have ruined our economy and stolen our wealth. I’m not saying that either one of the people that are running for President deserve the position and the entire “made for TeeVee” spectacle has been nothing short of an embarrassment on the world stage.

Given the list of real live issues listed above where should our focus reside during the next few days as we make a decision that has the potential to impact our grandchildren our great-grandchildren? Why is a treasonous, career criminal allowed to run for President? Does Donald Trump really represent the best we have to counter a treasonous, career criminal? Is this really what leadership looks and acts like? Re-read some of the issues laid out above and ask yourself this – “what the hell is going on, what happened to our once proud nation”? When did we become so complacent with our lives that we have allowed ourselves to become the laughing stock, one of the most hated nations in the world? What will happen if Trump is not allowed to occupy the White House? What will happen if Hillary is allowed to occupy the White House?


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