You’ve Got It All Wrong About Donald Trump

It’s precisely BECAUSE Donald Trump has been a bit impulsive, a bit demeaning, sometimes inaccurate, and an alleged misogynist, but has still managed to rattle the cage of those who buy favors from government and threatens the reign of what appears to be a criminal element that has taken over American government and surprisingly still has a fighting chance to become a populist President.

It isn’t Donald Trump that is being paid off by foreign sources to do their bidding.  It is now revealed the former Secretary of State solicited a $12 million donation from a foreign government [New York Post Oct 21, 2016] while Donald Trump is pilloried for not donating enough money to charity. [News Examiner]  One is a crime. The other is just being miserly.

Some (rigged) polls have shown Hillary is favored over Mr. Trump. Yet her trustworthiness is questioned by a majority of Americans. []

Here is a woman who said she had to run from snipers in the Balkans and was “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. [] When her husband left office in 2001, she took home gifts (furniture, china, flatware) intended to furnish the White House and was forced to return some items and pay for others*. [] And this is the woman whom Americans may now end up entrusting their future?  There is a disconnect here.

Somehow Americans wonder if Donald Trump’s hair is real while we know that Hillary Clinton has an impersonator who has been standing in for her for some time now and was shown on the street in New York without a secret service detail.  [YouTubeMirror Sept 14, 2016] Which one is fake, Donald or Hillary?  Another disconnect.

Donald Trump is taken to task for alleging, without substantiation, the upcoming election will be rigged.  Yet didn’t the Democrat Party use its superdelegate system and collude with the news media to thwart the candidacy of Bernie Sanders? [Observer Oct 10, 2018; Oct 16, 2016]

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