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Silver has been money longer than gold. Gold is money and everything else is credit. As our economies continue to falter and the lies become ever more apparent gold and silver will be one of the few assets that will protect your wealth and family. Possessing physical silver and physical gold, in a safe place outside the banking system, will provide this safety net/insurance. ETF’s are not physical metal. There are several really great ETF silver and gold funds, however, this still places a “gate keeper” between you and your wealth. Physical silver and gold in your possession, eliminates all gate keepers between you and your wealth.

American silver eagles (ASE) are still flying off the shelf. The U.S. Mint is still far below the past few years ASE’s production and sales. Physical silver and physical gold are one of the few forms of wealth that will carry a family through an economic crisis. These metals will probably do little in the way of helping during a crisis, but that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to protect wealth. Gold and silver do not carry what type of currency is in use as both metals have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of currencies come and go.

The banking cabal has been in charge for far too long. The endless ponzi schemes like QE, ZIRP and the US dollar itself. The world reserve currency is the US dollar and this has allowed the US Treasury, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, to export our inflation to other countries around the world. The federal government, in conjunction with Wall Street banksters, have hijacked our country our economy and our financial system. The current system only benefits those at the very top and nothing is left over for the remaining 99.99% of the people.

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