Lying Media As Putin warns Americans: You’re being distracted! (Video)

Of all the internal problems the Presidential candidates could solve – Clinton harps on about “Russian aggression.” Going into Russophobic overdrive in recent days – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see whose side the zio-media are on.

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Jesus Perez
Thanks for posting these. Against our corrupt lying media trying to push us into WW3 and ANOTHER fake lying war of the warhawks BushJr, Obama, Hillary and their neo liberals and neo cons. They dont even hide they are together now. There is a reason American mainstream media never shows a full Putin or full Assad video. The media wants to keep lying to us and keeping us brainwashed sheep thinking we are the good guys in Iraq, Libya, Syria. Pretending their wars of lies and regime changes are valid.

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Inessa S1

Traditionally, a changing world order has been accompanied by either a large global conflict or a series of regional conflicts. Similarly, we are living through a time in which a unipolar world is reluctantly transforming into something new. One tool at the disposal of political elites is the manipulation of the media. This channel is geared at providing accurate translations of materials that are unlikely to air in Western mainstream media and hopefully, counter inaccurate views on Russia's foreign policy.