DNC Caught Creating Violence at Trump Rallies

Megyn Kelly grilled Donna Brazile on the recently released videos that show the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hiring people to create violence at Trump rallies in an effort to discredit Trump supporters. American political activist James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, released the undercover tapes entitled “Rigging the Election” to expose the corruption behind the curtain.

When questioned by Kelly, DNC Chairwoman Brazile dismissed the tapes by claiming that O’Keefe had doctored the videos. “No one has come out to question the validity of these tapes,” probed Kelly, “In fact, they’ve acted on them.” Kelly questioned why the DNC would fire two staff members if they held the belief that the tapes were falsified. However, Brazile insisted that the DNC did not “fire” the staff members, but rather they “stepped aside” to avoid becoming “a distraction” to the Clinton campaign.

In addition to the incriminating tapes, Hillary’s leaked e-mails contain further evidence that the DNC is engaging in foul play. On March 12, 2016, Brazile sent an email to Jennifer Palmieri, the director of communications for the Clinton campaign, with the subject line, “From time to time I get questions in advance.” The email contained a specific question about abolishing the death penalty that the staffers wanted to share with Hillary.

On the following day at a town hall meeting hosted by CNN and TV One, Hillary was questioned on her position on the death penalty in wording that was identical to Brazile’s email. Brazile’s close ties to CNN as a former analyst have raised concerns over whether the network is leaking information to the Clinton campaign. CNN’s own Jack Tapper called the incident “completely unethical” and personally believes that question in the email was provided by moderator Roland Martin or someone around him.

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