by JC Collins

Supergirl Commercial on CNN Promotes Clinton Campaign Slogan

The level and complexity of the cultural and socioeconomic engineering which takes place in our society is not widely known or understood.  But every once in a while something obvious and unavoidable sneaks through the gateways and filters.

In such insistences the human mind is able to capture and notice some form of similarity and trend.  A type of motion, a word, a phrase, color and texture patterns, or conscious symbolism are recognized by the viewer or listener.  The mind registers the anomaly in micro seconds but just as quickly discards the information in order to keep pace with the fast and nimble movement and happenings taking place on the screen or television.

Such events leave a slight numbness in our stomachs but remain unacknowledged for what they are.

One recent example of what I’m referencing can be found in the commercial for season 2 of the Supergirl television show.  The trailer shows Clark Kent, who we all know is Superman, walking and stating to someone off screen “I’m with her.”

Most will recognize this statement as one of the core slogans of the Hillary Clinton campaign.  The “I’m with her” phrase has even been promoted through a massive Twitter campaign.   It’s inclusion in the television commercial for Supergirl may be a coincidence but considering the “radical feminist” nature of those promoting the election of Hillary Clinton (eg. Madeleine Albright’s statement about a special place in hell for those women who don’t support Clinton) this would be statistically unlikely.

This probability is further enhanced when we consider the outright bias being presented by CNN and the larger liberal media.  It has become extremely clear to conscious viewers and thinkers that the mainstream media and entertainment sources are aligned on pushing the script of Hillary Clinton as the first female president.

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