Calories Per Pound Of Rice, Beans, Wheat

The most common ‘staple’ dry foods for preparedness and long-term food storage are rice, beans, and wheat berries.

You yourself may have some of these in your deep pantry inventory. In order to fully grasp how much you actually have with regards to calories and ‘survival day’ equivalent, the following information should quickly help you to figure that out.

I used my digital scale to accurately measure the weight (per pound) from my own storage of white rice, beans (I used Pinto), and Wheat berries. Surprisingly (sort of) they all weigh quite similar to each other!

2.5 cups per pound (raw – uncooked)

Note: Given the various varieties, results may differ slightly, but not much – so the factor of 2.5 cups per pound is close enough for our purposes.

Note: When looking up calories per pound from various sources the results will also vary slightly, however the figures given below are close enough for general conversation.


Rice Calories Per Pound

1648 calories per pound (uncooked)


Beans Calories Per Pound

1568 calories per pound (uncooked)


Wheat Berries Calories Per Pound

1520 calories per pound (uncooked)
The next step is putting it all into perspective. You might have ‘x’ number of pounds, or 5-gallon buckets of wheat berries or rice, etc.., however what does that really mean with respect to survival?

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