The “Greatest Threat” Almost No One Is Prepared For

Editor’s note: It’s been called “the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world.”

It’s not a stock market crash, economic depression, or even a global currency crisis.

We’re talking about a “cyberattack.” A successful cyberattack could erase your identity or even empty out your bank account. In other words, it can do far more damage to your wealth than any “normal” financial disaster.

And yet, most people haven’t done anything to prepare for a cyberattack. They think “that couldn’t ever happen to me”…or that the government will have their back.

Those are very dangerous assumptions…

You see, MILLIONS of cyberattacks happen every day. Hackers have even infiltrated some of the world’s most sophisticated databases, including the CIA, the Department of Defense, and even Obama’s personal email.

In the essay below, Casey’s lead tech analyst, Chris Wood, explains why you need to prepare for a cyberattack today. Chris also explains how you can PROFIT from the huge explosion in cybercrime.

You’ll also learn about another huge money-making opportunity on Chris’s radar. According to Chris, early investors stand to make 100%-plus gains in this exciting new field. Gains like that are almost impossible in today’s low-growth and rock-bottom interest rate world…

Karen McCarthy never saw the robbers coming.

A successful small business owner, she had recently been in talks to sell her company for a large sum.

Two weeks later, her company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Over a weekend, thieves had stolen $164,000 out of her business bank account. She didn’t notice the money was missing until Monday.

Using a computer program, the thieves transferred her money to a series of “shell” companies all over the United States.

McCarthy’s bank—which initially assured her they’d replace the lost money—denied any responsibility for the devastating loss and refused to help her.

McCarthy was out of luck… and out of money.

She was the latest victim of cybercrime… a global epidemic that’s costing consumers and businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

Today, hackers have sophisticated hacking tools and techniques. They’re now able to breach even the most secure systems to compromise your privacy and steal your information.

Even unskilled individuals can hack into systems now. Today, you can purchase easy-to-use software for a low cost on the “dark web.” This software can get past traditional security solutions like firewalls.

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