Incredible New Discovery for Top Emerging Gold & Zinc Miner – Max Porterfield Interview (Video)

A very exciting day and opportunity delivered to our members in a time sensitive manner from our long-term trusted friend Max Porterfield. His company Callinex Mines just this week is announced a game changing discovery under their control yielding an incredible near 21% Zinc equivalent in 4.2 meters of a drill. This is only a 8 minute interview so don’t miss it and for sure checkout this company immediately!

01:00 Callinex Mines Major Discovery; Trading Re-Opens
02:20 Drill History
04:00 Game Changing Exploration Discoveries & More Drilling
04:45 Polymetallic Find: Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper & Lead
05:30 777 VMS Mine Reserves with 11% Zinc Equivalent
06:30 Two year Max success: Acquisitions & Discoveries

Video Above

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