DAVID ROCKEFELLER HAS 7 th HEART TRANSPLANT – Breaks World Record For Most Heart Transplants At 101 (Video)

The richest man on the planet, who claims rumours about the New World Order are true, is on the record as having “more heart transplants than any other human being that’s ever existed,” according to reports. The latest heart transplant will be his seventh.

The 2016 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation states that patients should be 70-years-old or younger to be considered for cardiac transplantation, and even then, these patients are carefully selected based on their current health, including BMI (body mass index). This recent heart transplant comes after David’s last one failed a couple weeks ago.

According to the Gift of Life Donor Program, “there are more than 122,000 people waiting for much-needed organs,” (including of course, hearts). There are not enough organs to go around, and those who are in need of a transplant must follow the rules that dictate the waiting list, which is managed by the United Network for Organ sharing (UNOS). Special allowances are sometimes made for children, however according to the Donor Program, “Factors such as a patient’s income, celebrity status, and race or ethnic background play no role in determining allocation of organs.”

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