WikiLeaks: Julian Assange’s Internet Connection ‘Severed by State Party’

The Internet connection of WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has been “intentionally severed by a state party,” the organization has claimed. The incident comes as WikiLeaks continues to release leaked documents relating to US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

WikiLeaks took to Twitter to say that contingency measures had been put in place following the alleged break of Assange’s Internet link, which the organization said had been undertaken by a “state party.”

The claims come as WikiLeaks continues to release a series of documents relating to the campaign of US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, with the fresh leaks raising fears they could hurt the former secretary of state’s chances of prevailing in next month’s election.

The latest batch contains emails from Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, highlighting Clinton’s relationship with the media, Wall Street corporations and plans to appeal to certain parts of the electorate.

WikiLeaks Rejects Alleged Russian Links

During a 10th anniversary event in Berlin earlier this month, Assange told Sputnik and other media in attendance that the organization would continue to publish leaked material they had received from the US Democratic party.

The release of the documents led Clinton campaign manager Brian Fallon to accuse WikiLeaks of working with the Russian government to try and ruin Clinton’s presidential campaign.

WikiLeaks officials dismissed the claims, with journalist Sarah Harrison pointing to the 650,000 leaked documents released on Russia as proof that the organization had no intention of supporting Moscow’s purported foreign policy goals.

Meanwhile, Russian government officials have repeatedly said that they have no preference in the US presidential election, with President Vladimir Putin lamenting that Russia had become a central theme in the debate between Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

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