Survival Tip: Don’t be a WIMP or A DUMBA$$ (Videos)

Want to rule the roost in the post-apocalypse? This video may give you some ideas on how to improve yourself to do just that!

Who will survive longest? Wimps? Aggressors, total Dumba$$’s or cool minded people?

Don’t Be a Wimp

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Geordie Prepper
Great video CP! With the pussification of the males of our race, more and more are falling into the Bitch Zone everyday. Pacified, compliant, cowardly worthless and spineless little boys that are distracted by and seek out worthless talentless nobodies to worship whilst in their ‘safe space’ that keeps them in a perpetual state of physical and mental weakness and retardation. The last real men that fought with honour and bravery and camaraderie to a very high degree that fall into the High Performance Cool Zone and displayed all qualities that an alpha male characterises fought in World War II, just look at the immense bravery and physical prowess of the German forces that amazed all that fought them with their superior tactics, stamina, strength, honour and values. The German forces also recognised such actions and bravery on the other side of course. These men faced bombs, bullets and horrors that no-one should have to face, but they did. These millennial worthless kids are scared of words. Oh how the male of our race has fallen, to the detriment of all.

Don’t Be a DumbA$$

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Canadian Prepper

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