This Is Going To Shock World Financial Markets

With continued uncertainty in global markets, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, spoke with King World News about what is going to shock world markets.

Gold Has Skyrocketed In Foreign Currencies
Egon von Greyerz:  “Eric, there are so many people who are concerned about the performance of gold and the fact that the price after four years of correction is still so far from the high. The mistake that most people make is to measure gold in US dollars. We are currently seeing very temporary dollar strength. But the US$ is a weak currency in a mismanaged economy. Just look at the dollar in Swiss Francs. Since 1970 the dollar has lost 77% against the Swissy. That can hardly be called dollar strength. 


If we measure the dollar in real money, which is gold, the not so mighty dollar has lost 80% in this century. 


So to talk about a strong dollar is totally ridiculous. The dollar is in a long-term downtrend which will continue for many years until it reaches zero. The temporary dollar strength gives the appearance that gold is currently weak. But we must remember that gold should be measured in your home currency and not only in dollars. It is pure laziness that makes non-Americans quote gold in dollars. International media doesn’t make it easier since they always show the dollar price…

“The US population is less than 5% of world population and most of the remaining 6.7 billion people are not linked to the dollar. If we instead use GDP as a measure, the US represents around 25% of global GDP, but that still leaves 3/4 of global GDP which is not dollar based. My point is that gold in dollars is only relevant to a minority of the world and the rest of us should measure gold in our home currency. 

Forget The Dollar, Look At What Gold Is Doing In Foreign Currencies
Let us look at gold in UK pounds for example. Any Brit who has kept has money in gold since December 2015 has gained a staggering 47% in the last ten months. Had he instead kept his money in the UK stock market, he would have made just 13%, which is 1/4 of the gain he could have made in gold. 

The chart of gold in pounds below is an excellent example of the wealth preservation properties of gold. When a currency weakens, most investors don’t realize how much real value this is costing them. As opposed to most governments, gold tells the truth and the truth is that for UK citizens, their currency has lost a huge 1/3 of its purchasing power in the last 10 months measured in gold.

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