The Crash of 2017. Not to be Delayed Any Longer – Harry Dent (Video)

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One of our most popular and well researched guests, Harry continues to deliver on his predictions of deflation and a stock market bubble popping. He has a new book just released “The Sale of a Lifetime” putting his name on the line for his prediction. His take on gold may shock you, be sure to stick around until that part of the interview.

01:30 Harry’s New Book & Coming Great Market Bubble Burst
03:40 Be very careful what assets you’re holding
05:30 Severe deflation in prices, Bonds to go up
07:00 FED/Central Banks Are out of Stimulants
10:10 Get out now, fantastic opportunity coming
11:00 Harry’s gold $700 prediction…Sell Now
13:40 What about flow of capital to mining sector?
15:10 China: biggest bubble to burst of modern history
16:10 In 20 years, gold could be $k3 to $5,000 an oz
16:40 Millenials are not spending until 2023-2055
19:50 Get his new book & more from Harry Dent

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