‘Extreme Events’ are Happening Worldwide! (2016-2017) (Video)

STRANGE WORLDWIDE EVENTS: Something is Going On around the the world signs of the times prophecy in the news russia us hillary clinton donald trump presidential debate 2016 2017

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They have absolutely no real reason for this cashless crap. I heard its more convenient but not very, you’d probably save a couple extra seconds. Not to mention the FACT that all kinds of digital hackings are as common as muggings in big cities, so theres a MASSIVE hole in their security theory! Only one reason for this “body hacking” is to tell the wheat from the tares, mark of the beast!!

Just look around you, there’s all these biblical prophesies unfolding right before your eyes. The elite world leaders speak of crazy crap like theyre recruiting ppl to send to a Asgardian nation in space? And still folk claim God is a myth & Christians are delusional.. You can try to hide during the storm but ain’t no duckin the rain!

Its only scary if you’re not doing something about it.. Find God & stand your ground!!!
Seek freedom & Truth..

♡Who the Son sets free is free indeed♡

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