Putin on ideology – difference between Americans and Russians (Video)

Where does ideology end and culture begin? My view is that these concepts are used interchangeably by different people – and while I do not know Putin’s definition of ideology, I do think that America’s ideology is part of what forms it culture, as in Russia. In this clip, Putin covers an astounding amount of ground in 5 minutes; individualism/collectivism, the formation of the United States as a democracy, ethnic cleansing of native Americans, and the Stalin era of the Soviet regime. But the overall message, in my interpretation, is that Americans are selfish.

This is more of a philosophical view on things, for you to ponder over. Of course, the United States remains the only country to have ever utilised nuclear weapons, while pointing the finger at everyone else for being a dictator, and condemning histories that aren’t theirs (ie. Stalin vs. Genocide of Native Americans)

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