MSM Committing Massive Fraud, Economic Red Alert, WWIII Update

The Wiki Leaks slimy revelations about the DNC and the Clintons’ emails prove the mainstream media (MSM) is committing massive fraud on shareholders and the public. Organizations such as the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CNBC, Politico, The Boston Globe and many others hold themselves out as news organizations and fair arbiters of the truth, when they are really just one sided political hacks.  I predict the public will reject the MSM in droves, and share prices will plunge.  Look out for shareholder lawsuits in 2017.

HSBC has issued a “Red Alert” to its clients and also predicts a “severe fall” in the stock market.  HSBC analysts say the markets are acting the same way as before other big stock market crashes.  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has released its monthly minutes, and they are concerned about Fed “credibility” and about the Fed holding rates too low for too long.  Gregory Mannarino of contends that the fact the Fed is verbalizing their fears is a huge warning sign of upcoming trouble in the financial markets.

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