Bryan Slusarchuk: People are Going to Scream for A Monetary System Supported by Gold (Video)

Gold is money, everything else is credit. We say that a lot around here, not simply because it is true, but because gold is the truest, longest standing form of money in the history of the world. Name something else that has been used, in the same capacity, for the past 4,000+ years. Anything, anyone? I feel confident there are a number of items that are still in use today in the same way they were originally  intended thousands of years ago. My guess is most, if not all, have changed due to technological advances. Some people would argue that money, like gold, has also made technological changes over the course of time. These people would be 100% correct. The only difference is – every single time that a new experiment has been attempted it has failed – 100% of the time. That’s a bad track record for all other forms of money. Gold has a track record of 100% success for more than 4,000 years. Think about that for a minute. Not one change and still functions as it did over 4,000 years ago. WOW!

“I think there is a great shot at that [a return of gold to a monetary status] what’s always tough to tell is when it will occur. What my belief is, as more and more people want this to occur and believe this will occur we’re going to see a rising price of gold bullion.

I think we are right on the cusp of some major transforming changes in a global environment. If you see what’s happening in Europe, you see great dissatisfaction within the Eurozone. That dissatisfaction is coming from leading countries, the brexit being a great example.

You see great dissatisfaction around the globe with the central banks actions ongoing fiscal stimulus gone haywire.” Source

I sat down with Bryan Slusarchuk, K92 Mining, to get an update on his views of where we stand in this latest fiat nightmare. None to surprising that he is as shocked as the rest of us that the system hasn’t blow apart at the seams. The band-aids, chewing gum and rubber bands are still holding everything together; the only real question is for how much longer? That question should be followed by the more important question – how much destruction will World War 3 cause and will my neighborhood be hit?

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