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I started this installment after witnessing the embarrassment that is the US presidential debates part two.  I couldn’t endure it all, so I went back to watching “Discount Double Check” (Aaron Rodgers) battle the NY Giants.  With that said, let’s apply some remedial outside the box thinking before getting into the titled subject matter.

Imagine being an unknown visitor to the US, and witnessing the junior high school behavior that is our debate process.  I would suspect a phrase like “Banana Republic” would come to mind rather easily.  That being said, without election chicanery Trump looks to be a “shoe-in,” but what does that mean to the bubble machinery already in a “stretched overload?”  My guess it will “Explode,” with an assist by outside elite forces or by Trump himself, or both.  

This election may trigger the final bubble explosions and that has been my thesis for two years now.  To put it simply, if Trump is elected and does the right thing from a business and economic perspective, then the paper markets will blow sky high, and the pain begins in the US.  Why would he do that?  Simple, its the best way to rebuild from the approaching paper train wreck.  It’s actually the only option.  Bomb it, and suck the oxygen out of it, or in this instance suck the QE out of the economy.  A possible first step that could show foreign business partners, who are still nervously holding US paper, that we are taking responsible steps to correct our “printing press mistakes.”  After that, if you ain’t a “ hands-on-doer” here in the USA, we ain’t going to need ya!  So the $64,000.00 question becomes, “After she blows, then what?”  

At a minimum it is ESF time.  That ain’t the typical ESF, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, it is the more Sixpack friendly “Essential Survival Fundamentals!”  It’s an ESF summary, one that I will follow up on with a message about the easiest trading odds in world history.  More after the news that will eventually hint at the remedies for these monster bubbles soon to be losing “paper-fiat-air”………… And don’t dare miss the “Financial News Comedy Insert” starring John Travolta & Team Roguemoney, and it’s great historical financial message….as well as the last segment in this installmnet, “The Easiest Winning Trade in World History!”

A Rogue Report Update:  Please note that in the “Rogue Report” a complete analysis of time and it’s effects on the DHAP list was undertaken.  Weighting was assigned for each item to visualize the overall value of the DHAP list.  Alternatively you can’t equate the DHAP rating system with my new acronym the ESF “Essential Survival Fundamentals.” The ESF, as I view it, would not give as much value to barter along with a few other ratings techniques used for the DHAP in the “Rogue Report.”  The DHAP in the report assumes a completed effort, that is weighted in value for each of the 33 items listed, which would not be the goal for a “Essential Survival Fundamentals” list.

News that is Beginning to Shed More Light

I would have started another “who gives a shit” category winner with this one, but in reality it is pertinent, especially based on the recent presidential debates.

I mean, think about the 3rd world crap in the above link, and then tie it to a presidential debate with one of the candidate’s spouses and a former “two time” president, or should that be “two timing,” sitting in the audience staring at women he once abused.  That ain’t the only tension or junior high school drama on display.  Tension is hard and fast as the “two timer” watches his spouse be threatened with criminal prosecution should the election not go her way.  Yeah, we’re number “1” all right, that is if you don’t count the eastern powerhouse countries.  In all honesty the headliner to the link above is classier with respect to the truth than our election process.   After all, the Jenner and Kardashian crowd ain’t trying to run for president.  They are what they are, but it now looks like they could qualify as presidential material.  It’s all “Dirty Laundry”…..

Mrs. WG Alert:  In all fairness to Mr. Trump, it’s hard to keep your feet out of the cow patties, when you are staring at a competitor that is a piece of cow flop.  And here is a Mrs. WG election alert.  She informed me she saw an on-line video which pointed out that since the political process began, Trump has shown signs of being more humble, and Hitlery clearly has not.  Interesting observation indeed, which makes you wonder, maybe a higher power is influencing Mr. Trump. Mrs. WG

                                                    You best quote me correctly Buster!

                                                    You best quote me correctly Buster!

Uh-oh, it appears in the next link the Vampire Squid is a little late to the party.  Unreal…..

I guess regarding the above link the phrase, “they should have known,” certainly applies.  After all, it’s the banks that are the very facilitators of the subprime auto fiasco.  So with respect to this announcement by Goldman Sucks, and in the eyes of an unsuspecting Sixpack audience, they appear to be the great prognosticators of the financial markets.  When all they are really doing is pulling the paper plug that they originally installed.  Pulling it because the last “ponzi-scheme-pigeon” has reached in his or her pockets to buy something they couldn’t afford in the first place.  I wrote about this before, and I suspect there is a reader out there who is saying, “Well don’t blame the banks WG, I don’t go around buying things I can’t afford!”  Good for you and you are right, but for those less fortunate in the realm of worldly finance, is it their faults that they got the loans, or instead the faults of the guys who knew they weren’t risk worthy of the loans to begin with?

Oh, and while we are all feeling so cocky about our financial skills, those skills at seeing past the fraud, don’t count yourself out of the “moron-basket” just yet.  The banksters are very likely to bail in your bank accounts to cover those unworthy debtors and the unwarranted debts that they can’t pay.  How smart are ya feeling now?  Thus the reason for Dodd Frank language, and the reduction in SAR’s limits on cash withdrawals.  You are still being corralled and you are a subprime auto loan participant, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  “GOTS” anyone? “Get Out of The System” (again tip of the hat to Jim Sinclair)…….

Hey, maybe this next link is indicative of the topping process to the Goldman prediction in the above link…..

Again, and to be very repetitive….There was a time when the lender was just as much a party to creating bad business practices, practices that created a money laundering ponzi scheme environment.  Thus the primary reason for lending requirements.  Requirements that help a business entity avoid giving out money as an “all-knowing” creditor, that is unlikely to be paid in full.  So why do it at all?  It’s the easy money, that’s why!  Again, at the risk of being redundant, it is, believe it or not, good business to lend to unworthy debt applicants if you have no morals and there are still “ponzi-pigeons” left to pilfer.  You are just grabbing the easy upfront money, and once the payments seem unlikely to be received, you go for the really easy money on the back end and steal it from the “more-informed-ponzi-pigeons” with their account insurance fronted by some sort of “government print from the FED.”  Ain’t fascism and the 3rd world just grand?

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