Donald Trump: “The Clinton Machine is at the Center of this Power Structure”…”They’re Criminals”

The speech Donald Trump delivered earlier today in West Palm Beach, Florida is one for the history books. Mr. Trump pulled no punches, left no stone unturned and delivered on his promise to out hillary clinton and the clinton crime syndicate.

“Just look at what this corrupt establishment has done to our cities like Detroit, Flint, Michigan and rural towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and all across our country, take a look at what’s going on.” 

“They’ve stripped away these towns bare and raided the wealth for themselves and taken our jobs away, out of our country, never to return unless I’m elected President.” 

“The clinton machine is at the center of this power structure.”

We’ve seen this first hand with the wikileaks documents in which hillary clinton meets, in secret, with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.”

This was in the first three and half minutes of this speech. Mr. Trump is pissed, along with millions of other deplorable’s that have been abused for far too long. It is time for the deplorable’s to do something. Is Mr. Trump the right person to lead the charge? Right now he is the only person that I see leading the charge. He is the only person with the balls to stand up in front of the world and call out this crime syndicate that is running for President with the full support of the media, the corrupt hacks in Washington DC and the blind, braindead masses that believe clinton is “Presidential material”. Lock. Her. Up. Now!

Later in the speech Mr. Trump really gets wound up and let’s the chips fall where they may.

“This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. Believe me. And this will be our last chance to save it on November 8th. Remember that. This election will determine whether we’re a nation or only — democracy but, in fact, controlled by a handful of special global interests, rigging the system, and our system is rigged. This is reality. You know it, they know it, and pretty much the whole world knows it.

“The establishment and their media neighbors wield control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, rapist, xenophobe, and morally deformed. They will attack you. They will slander you. They will seek to destroy your career and your family. They will seek to destroy everything about you, including your reputation. They will lie, lie, lie and then again they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary.

“The Clintons are criminals. Remember that, they’re criminals.

“This is well documented, and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover-up of widespread criminal activity at the State Department and the Clinton Foundation in order to keep the Clintons in power. Never in history have we seen such a cover-up as this.”

I would strongly suggest listening to this speech and then sharing it with your family, friends and anyone else who would like to see what American Leadership, guts and determination looks and sounds like. I dare you to watch this and not get fired up. Is Trump the right person for President? I’m not sure, but I can say this, he is the ONLY person with a platform of size that is calling the clintons on the carpet and pointing directly at their crimes and calling them criminals. Who else is doing that and who else is standing up to the crime syndicate in Washington DC and Wall Street? Who else?


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