The 3 Things Trump Must Do to Win the Election

With less than a month before the general election, it looks bleak for Donald Trump. At least that is what the main stream media would have you believe. FDR’s quote that we have nothing to fear but fear itself applies to this campaign. The voting public must keep their eye on the ball and focus on recruiting  potential Trump supporters. Don’t scoreboard watch. The polls are filled with lies and misrepresentations. Locker room talk will not sway many voters, only the Republican politicians like McCain and Ryan who take campaign donations from Free Trade Agreement interests are umping ship. In fact, the duplicitous John McCain co-sponsored CAFTA. He has been opposed to Trump based on his own selfish interests from the beginning.

In short, there are three things that Trump must focus on if he is going to win the election which are combating election fraud, getting the attention off the fake polls and attacking Clinton on the most critical issues.

I. Trump Must attack the Validity of the Polls

The Polls Are Often Wrong

The polls have a very poor track record of being correct. Even the MSM entity, US News, vilifies the use of polls in accurately predicting election results:

“In 2012, his own campaign’s polls, among others, predicted Mitt Romney, the Republicans’ nominee, would defeat President Barack Obama for the presidency, but just barely. Two years later, surveys in Kentucky strongly suggested then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, perhaps the shrewdest, most powerful Republican in Washington, could lose his seat to an upstart rookie Democrat”. Obviously, neither event ever came close to happening.

The Political Experts Don’t Trust Polls

Cliff Zukin, a polling expert at Rutgers University stated that “Polls can no longer make fine distinctions. People can trust polls on broad issues — like what voters are most concerned about — but not so much on the political horse race.”

Celinda Lake, a pollster, political consultant and president of Lake Research Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based polling firm, says polling has seen “kind of a steady decline. It’s getting harder to reach people. It’s also harder to get them to cooperate.”

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Dave Hodges

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