Germany Forming EU Super Army – Preparing For World War 3 With Russia (Video)

Josh Sigurdson breaks down recent news that Angela Merkel is desperately rushing to create an EU super army with Germany leading. With sights set on Russia, Germany is pushing a globalist army to fight terrorism and they claim one of the major points in the creation of an EU army is to lower tensions with Russia, despite using over the top, dangerous aggression against the country.

After Brexit, the EU has been hesitant to rush to create the EU army, though it has been in the playbook. Germany’s impatience is much to the dismay of many in the EU and NATO, but still contains the same end game promoted by the two globalist super powers.

Reminiscent of the push by Nazi Germany to create a global government and global army, Germany is once again trekking in dangerous territory.
Even former German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder is warning that Germany is making a serious mistake, noting the aggression by Germany heading up NATO operations along Russia’s border on the 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany’s attack on the Soviets, a day that carries a lot of significance within Russia to this day as people gather to remember the lives lost.

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