Rogue Money” Post Debate Analysis (Video)

Cj and The Economic Ape break down the town hall between Trump and Hillary.

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Fistof Yahweh
the fly was attracted to the s**t in Hillary’s head…..

l lemons
Not even close!… this was a complete debacle for Hillary, as well as the MSM… spent 20 minutes trying to find post-debate online polls like last time- only found 2, at Breitbart and Drudge. Trump was leading by about 90% at Breitbart, and while Drudge showed about 87% in favor of Trump in the results, the bot wouldn’t accept my ‘Trump’ vote no matter how many times i tried. No CBS, CNBC, ABC, Time, or FOX polls offered, googling it only lead to old debate polls…
This tells us everything we need to know about how awful that was for Hillary, and the 2 “interrogators”, who not only failed in their mission to unsettle Trump, he owned them all and made them show what true jackasses they were. “Martha” looked like the halloween costume for Samantha Powers on a bad hair day at the UN, but sounded like Hillary on (sic) steroids in her awful screeching voice!
What a display of self-immolation, delightfully, out of whose ashes Donald Trump rose like the veritable Phoenix he is…!

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